Conjoined barn swallows cause stir in Arkansas

The Associated Press –
By JON GAMBRELL – , LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — It’s an Arkansas bird story that at first might be hard to swallow. A pair of conjoined barn swallows, attached at the hip by skin and possibly muscle tissue, will be sent to the Smithsonian Institution for study and examination, Arkansas wildlife officials said Friday.

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Bird’s Nest Soup
• 1 cup looselly packed dried bird’s nest
• 1 whole chicken breast, about ¾ lb.
• ¼ cup cold water

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Tree swallows on the rise in local area (Score: )

The Leader Newspapers, NJ
by john on Wednesday, J
By Susan C. Moeller- Senior Reporter
Mosquitoes beware. The tree swallow population is growing in the Meadowlands, and the little birds consume copious amounts of insects.

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Lee: Nesting barn swallows cause Lubbock-area residents consternation, TX
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Over the past few weeks, the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has received numerous calls about barn swallows – and their nests, in particular.

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Barn swallows return to Oskaloosa

Oskaloosa Herald, IA
The Oskaloosa Herald

A sure sign of spring flew back into Iowa this week. The barn swallows. Step outside in the late afternoon and you’ll see them swooping and soaring as they catch mosquitoes and other flying insects.

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These Barn Swallows should be called “Front Porch Swallows”

Houston Chronicle, United States – May 18, 2008
My daughter and son-in-law, who live in Rosenberg, have acquired some new tenants at their house. These tenants are short-term residents. They will only be here for the summer. They will be paying rent “in kind” by entertaining their landlords and by catching flying insects. Yes, the new tenants are Barn Swallows.

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Will we pass the swift test?

Times Online, UK – Apr 25, 2008

Wild Notebook: great nature writers of the past didn’t experience anxiety about the world
Simon Barnes

I look at nature in a way that was beyond the scope of the finest nature writers that ever saw a swallow and felt a joy. Gilbert White, Charles Darwin, John Clare: none of them ever looked at the sky in the last week of April and felt as I do. The dreadful anxiety is the unique privilege of 21st-century humans.

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Swallows bring life to museum

Owen Sound Sun Times, Canada – May 6, 2008

With the West Nile virus, spread by mosquitoes, with us each summer we are very lucky to have such active mosquito control as we do in this area with our free swallows, barn swallows, bank swallows and cliff swallows.

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Cliff swallow one of county’s amazing visitors
By Terry Knight — Record-Bee outdoors columnist
Article Last Updated: 04/29/2008 11:39:22 PM PDT

Wildlife and fish have always amazed me. They are often born, live and die within a short distance from our homes and yet few of us know about their daily struggles just to survive. Unlike humans, a bird or deer can’t go to the doctor if they’re feeling ill or to the supermarket if they’re hungry.

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Sop Bola Sarang Burung (Soup of Bird Nest Ball)

I got this Soup of Bird Nest Ball recipe originally from Winna, my good high school friend. After having kids and especially after our kids started to eat solid, we would call each other a lot exchanging recipes and tips of kids health. But, this recipe has been modified to tailor my family’s taste.

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